School Partnerships

Reading Rays combines the strengths of your school with our specialized intervention to create a truly transformational learning environment for students with dyslexia.

Wilson Reading enriches your school -- at no extra cost to you!

The need for individualized reading support is real. 

In fact, 20 percent of students experience symptoms of dyslexia such as slow, dysfluent reading; poor spelling; and limited comprehension. Even after receiving small-group intervention, many struggling readers need one-on-one expert tutoring to catch up.    

Parental awareness of dyslexia and the necessary tutoring needed to succeed is increasing. 

Most schools cannot offer intensive one-to-one tutoring with the programs and support that dyslexic students need. As such, parents are looking at other school options, including options that provide Wilson tutoring.

Reading Rays brings Wilson to your school. 

Certified Wilson tutors work with your students during school hours. Students receive coordinated academic support at school preventing them from “falling through the cracks.” Moreover, parents value the child and family-friendly schedule that Wilson supports.

Wilson can grow your school. 

When parents learn about the exceptional reading support offered at your school, new families enroll to ensure their children receive expert instruction. Additionally, your school's current families can access specialized support right at school. Ultimately, Wilson reading sets your school apart.

Reading Rays takes care of all the details. 

 They manage materials, billing, scheduling, and communication at no extra cost to your school.

Reading Rays works closely with their partner schools. 

Tutors and leadership are team players who respect your school and its students. Reading Rays works with teachers and school administration to ensure your students receive the best support possible.