A Grandparent's Story

"My proudest moment was watching him stand in front of the entire school... and do a reading."

by Cathy P.  (Grandmother of a Reading Rays' Student)

From early on, Evan struggled with the basics. It was frustrating for him, and for me, because no matter what approach I took, we got nowhere. His frustration developed into behavior issues. After testing, it was discovered Evan has dyslexia. In second grade he started the Reading Rays program, and it was like a switch was turned on. He no longer felt “stupid or dumb.” He was getting it!

I recall that Evan had a sleepover with me fairly soon after he was diagnosed with dyslexia and started with a Reading Rays tutor. He was so relieved to learn that he was not “stupid,” and he was able to say, “I just think differently from other people.” I went on to share with him how some people my age never really knew what was wrong with them. He told me he felt sorry for them, going through their lives feeling stupid. He is proud of his diagnosis and is very open about it to his friends and family. Reading Rays has given him that gift. 

Evan is now finishing fifth grade. The goals that he is achieving throughout the years with Reading Rays are truly inspiring and miraculous. His ability to read and feel confident are remarkable. My proudest moment was watching him stand in front of the entire school and congregation and do a reading from the Bible. I will be forever thankful and grateful for all of your support and encouragement to my grandson. Your program has been the highlight of my role as grandmother to Evan. I know that he is going to achieve his goals in life because he can read!! 

A final footnote… My grandfather died at the age of 90, and he was never taught to read or write. Instead of going to school, he had to work to help his family. That was his biggest regret in life. He was ashamed to try to learn to read and write later in life. Knowing this deepens my appreciation for Evan’s success even more.

Thank you again to Reading Rays for being the remarkable teachers that you are!