Reading Tutoring

Wilson Reading System

Orton-Gillingham Approach

Helping struggling readers to shine!

 If your child is behind in reading, you see their struggle every day. 

It significantly impacts their learning, grades, and confidence

Reading Rays opens the world of reading for your child, 

where they need it most: in school.

The Reading Rays Solution

We believe that students with dyslexia and related reading challenges should be able to get all the support they need in one place. Reading Rays partners with established schools in Little Canada and Stillwater, MN, to offer specialized Wilson reading tutoring on-site during the school day

At our partner schools, students benefit from small class sizes, nurturing communities, and engaging academics, while at the same time building their reading skills with a certified Reading Rays Wilson tutor

Struggling readers need more than great reading tutoring. They need understanding, support, and accommodations in all of their classes. Our partner schools understand this. Your child will get the attention they deserve with Reading Rays in-school tutoring.

Reading Rays employs the Wilson Reading System, which earned the International Dyslexia Association accreditation. Every Reading Rays tutor is a certified Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner, with over 200 hours of clinical training.

Wilson is based on the esteemed Orton-Gillingham approach. Orton-Gillingham programs are the structured literacy method most often recommended by educators, psychologists, and doctors to address dyslexia and related reading challenges. 

Wilson follows an organized and sequential structure, individually tailored to each child. As students build a solid foundation of decoding and spelling, they are able to improve their fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension and apply these skills to all subject areas.

Your child will thrive with a Reading Rays tutor even without a dyslexia diagnosis. Reading Rays' approach works for dyslexic readers and children with all kinds of reading challenges. Kids just like yours.

Tutoring at the Best Time

Students learn best when they are fresh, rather than after a long day of school. As a result, Reading Rays engages in child-and family-friendly scheduling.

Our students need not give up the activities they enjoy and excel at. They still play sports, take music lessons, and participate in clubs after school

Instead of arranging piecemeal support for their child, parents have peace of mind and convenience knowing their child is getting real support in a seamless, coordinated program.