Supporting Your Child

The sooner your child gets the help they need to catch up, the better. Waiting for reading to "click" results in children falling further behind. 

Start by talking to your child's teacher about your concerns. Ask what they are noticing in class. Ask how to get help for your child at school

If you feel that your child needs more support than the school can offer, reach out to Reading Rays. We would love to learn more about your child and recommend next steps.

Check out this downloadable resource from the MN Department of Education: Navigating the School System When a Child Is Struggling with Reading or Dyslexia.

When to Find a Tutor

Tutoring Options

Reading Rays In-School Wilson Tutoring

If your child is significantly behind grade level, has been diagnosed with moderate to severe dyslexia, or is being overlooked by their current school or teachers, this is the best option for a truly supportive situation for your child. Our partner schools have small class sizes, caring communities, and an understanding of dyslexia and learning differences

The Wilson tutors and classroom teachers work together to create a learning plan that meets your child's needs. Your child is able to build their reading skills while growing academically and socially. And because Wilson tutoring takes place during the school day, your child doesn't have to miss any after school activities

With Reading Rays Wilson tutoring in supportive, small private schools, you child gets all the support they need at a fraction of the cost of a private dyslexia school.

Alternative Tutoring Options

After School Private Tutors

Parent Tutoring